Grounded Health Holiday Gift Guide 2016

It’s that time of the year again – the Grounded Health Holiday Gift Guide is now available! If you missed last year’s gift guide, click here for some more awesome ideas for the health nut in your life!

If you have someone on your list who is passionate about health and wellness, one of the gifts below are sure to be a hit! One of the best parts? I have included links to Amazon for each of these items (note: I am not affiliated with Amazon and get no commission off of these products) - with Amazon Prime it will be here in 2 days - so literally, you're a few clicks away from all of your shopping done!

Laptop Stand ($60)

I get scolded by my massage therapist on a regular basis (I hope you’re reading this 😉 ) that my neck muscles are tight and I am getting headaches from looking down at my laptop. This laptop stand is definitely on my wish list this year – it holds the laptop up at eye level so that you’re not constantly looking down to work. If someone you love spends a significant amount of time looking down at his or her laptop (any students in your life?) then this would be a fantastic gift!

Instant Pot ($150)

Okay you guys – I got one of these for my birthday this year and I have been SO excited to put this bad boy to use (special thanks to Steph at The Meal Plan Addict for her DELICIOUS recipes and raving about the Instant Pot)! Think: slow cooker on steroids… a slow cooker tasting meal in hardly anytime (speeds up cooking by 2-6 times)!

Slow Cooker With Timer ($125)

Now that I have you all sold on the Instant Pot, you may not even be interested in this option. However, I know many of you love the tried and true slow cooker and this one is even better! I love that this slow cooker has a timer that can be set (no more worrying about burning your house down if you get caught at work a little longer than you’d like). Once your meal is cooked for the desired time, this slow cooker switches to warm so that you always come home to a hot meal – YES!

A few more perks: silicone handles for easy transporting, dishwasher safe inside (because who likes doing dishes, really?) and a glass lid that doubles as a serving dish (like I said, less dishes!)

Pair the slow cooker with this amazing cookbook and BOOM – not only will you have given a killer gift but you are also guaranteed delicious, slow cooked meals for the next year.

Yogitoes Hot Yoga Mat ($70)

Is a special person in your life in love with hot yoga? If so, this is a great gift for them! This mat is made of 50% recycled materials and is excellent at stopping the sweaty slide that occurs on many mats! It's tough to find a good mat for hot yoga that allows you forget about the fact that you're skating on pools of your own sweat and actually enjoy the class.

Squatty Potty ($30)

“What the heck is a squatty potty?”, you may be asking. Well, I won’t go into too much detail, but be sure to check out this humorous commercial to give you the full scoop. Historically, we sat in a squat position to do our business but now we sit in a seated position. This may not seem like a big deal, but because of our anatomy, this seated position is not optimal for healthy elimination. The squatty potty is a simple little stool that allows our bodies to get in the right anatomical position for doing #2 – a squat! So do your friend a favour and pick this up as a “joke” present that will benefit his/her health everyday ;).

Practical Paleo 2nd Edition ($43)

If you’re looking for the REASONS behind a lot of the nutrition recommendations that are floating around the internet today, Diane Sanfilippo’s book “Practical Paleo 2nd Edition” has got to be your ‘go to”. Do you have a friend or family member who would like to start eating healthy but doesn’t quite know where to start? Diane’s book lays it all out using easy to understand language so that you can start truly understanding why you eat the way you eat.

Oh She Glows Everyday (Second Edition) ($19)

For my veggie readers, this cookbook is PHENOMENAL (if you don’t have the first edition, you can buy that one here). Angela’s mix of flavours are on point and simple to prepare! There are not a ton of ingredients that you are unfamiliar with holding you back from creating a delicious, meat-free meal!

Book: Better Than Before ($17)

"If you're struggling to make changes to your routine, this is a book that will help get you there." --The New York Times

This is a fantastic book for anyone looking to change his/her habits in 2017. Habits, or the things that we do/think/say every day play a huge role in our overall health and happiness. Focusing on a single behaviour until it becomes a habit is really powerful and this book will walk you through, step by step!

Vitamix ($429+)

There is a reason this blender has shown up on my 2015 and 2016 list – it is THE holy grail blender. I know that the price tag may frighten you, I must admit… I shed a tear or two on the Costco website purchasing this bad boy. BUT – I am happy to report that this was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and it is something that I use EVERYDAY to create delicious smoothies for myself and my family!

Tip: If you’re looking at purchasing one of these but the price tag discourages you (it did for me too) – check out the Shopping Channel for a payment plan option (you’ll pay a little more but it will be so much more doable)!

Chemex ($60) + Filters ($17)

It’s time to retire the Keurig! You may be appalled and asking why!? Two reasons:

  1. That hot water running through a cheap plastic cup every morning before it goes into your body is not healthy!
  2. By using these pods every day you’re making so much extra waste than you would just making a simple pot of coffee or a pour over cup.

This Chemex coffee pot is not only cute to look at; it’s also easy to clean and has ZERO plastic! The filters are non-bleached and are super simple to use! Throw it all in the compost after your morning coffee and you’re on your way – no plastic left behind!


This completes the Grounded Health Holiday Gift Guide of 2016! Hopefully this sparked some interest and you can use some of these ideas for your friends and family!

Yours in Health,


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